Price:5,500,000 €
Contract type:FOR SALE
Investment Prop.:YES
Special Mark:Featured Offer
Location:Spain, N
Region: Pyrenees
Approx. Area1350 ha
Special Note:Ref ES1

About Property

SPAIN  1,350 ha estate in one entity all in forestry - (tax incentives) mainly hardwoods  ....... ideal for HUNTING…….Parallel with the Spanish / French border for 10 kms near the CANIGOU MASSIF area  ...….....Unique opportunity ....... for the serious investor …..interesting Tax advantages ......... There are 6 abandoned farms ..... Possible electricity supply available. ….Price: 5,500,000 Euros…….Nearest town is Figueres with good transport links…...….Ref : ES1


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Farming In Spain

Spain is investing heavily in alternative power sources, here is a solar farm under construction in June 2008
Following recent visits and research in Spain, there is an evident sense of openness and welcome for people from northern Europe seeking to move to Spain who bring with them agricultural skills, a sense of entrepreneurship and a commitment to live in and contribute to rural communities and their development in this country of many contrasts.

Spain has seventeen autonomous regions, each with its own Department of Rural Development with special responsibility for their autonomous locality; there are alsol other organisations which manage locally the EU "Leader Plus" rural development programme, 2007 to 2013, and have responsibility for allocating central EU funds. There is a real dynamism apparent for new rural developments involving agro tourism, and grants are available for those who are willing to invest in value-added businesses in areas of long-standing traditional agricultural life.

For young farmers (those under 40) there are a range of special grants, for those undertaking a first farm installation, and low interest loans, provided there is a minimum commitment of five years but subject to minimum criteria of areas to be farmed being equivalent to so many hours of work per year. Free assistance is also available for preparation of viability studies and reports for specific projects.

Spain offers a good climate and enviable way of life, from the "green Spain" of the north to the more traditional Mediterranean climate of the south and east coasts, and now has good access to the UK with a range of new airport destinations and increasingly good internal communications. A few statistics show the opportunities which could exist for those looking to live and work in typically Mediterranean style agricultural activities: 50% of all olive trees grown in the EU are grown in Spain, 309 million in total, and, of these, 75% are grown in just two provinces in Andalusia, Cordoba and Jaen. Previously subsidies paid on individiual trees, this is now based on area farmed and eligible land. There are also opportunities to be found in forestry, with help available for the re-forestation of formerly productive agricultural land.

Spain has always had an open and inclusive policy towards outsiders and welcomes all those who bring new ideas and vitality. It may be considered one of the less bureaucratic states within the EU when considering integration into the farming system. If you are committed to the long term, not going there to make a "quick buck", this country has much to offer those wishing for a new direction. It is in the process of developing the commercialisation, transformation and modernisation of agricultural products to give improved quality, which give added value to the local community and meet the demands of customers. Our partners in Spain will also introduce you to the local market and potential buyers for your products.

Lerida - new airport under construction

Ryanair are already interested and this will develop tourism to a really undiscovered part of Cataluna ....ideal for Eco-Tourism projects. Properties are available - either to convert in isolated villages or move into straight away. Contact us will not regret moving, as one comes for the quality of life being along way from the  crowded costas. The area is very fertile with many rivers and streams and has a generally good dry climate.

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