News in 2013

Post Date: February 2013


The present Government is looking at legislation to prevent land speculation while allowing citizens of the European Union to own farmland. after the scheduled moratorium ends in 2014.

There is also a lot of concern surrounding another land issue - dating back to spring 2012. 65,000 hectares of state owned land was up for renewal and after much research in the Feger county more than half the parcels were allocated to only two bidders.

This has resulted in the resignation of Mr Agyan as Secretary of State of the Ministry of Rural Development ...... as this is completely contrary to the aim of a fair partition - vis a vis local farmers.

Statistics show that more half the small farms have disappeared over the last decade with the result that these rural areas now suffer some of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

Did you know that the Cooperative is the largest farmer with over 20,000 hectares under its control.

Will become the a major force in the wine production by 2016 - it will be classed as the sixth producer worldwide. At present the main exporters to the country remain France (big jump in sparkling wine), Australia and Spain.

2011... latest available. Main exporting countries were France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Chile and USA whilst consuming countries were as follows - USA, France,Italy, Germany, China and UK.

Credit Agricole bank is set to publish its worst ever loss figures for one year..... in the order of 6.47 Billion Euros - mainly due to its investment in Greece. It is selling its loss making subsidary to Alpha bank. This follows a loss of 1.47 Billion in 2011. There have been changes in management and in a clear signal to the markets they have announced will concentrate only on France and Italy.

After 18 months deliberations the Prefecture of the Somme (north of Paris) area have allowed the go-ahead for this project which originally was for 1000 cows. Incorporated in the scheme is a Methane Digester. There has been a sustained campaign of opposition from the Confederation Paysanne agricultural union because, they want to maintain the small family units which allow a living wage....... and support other commerce in their localities.

FREAK HUNTING ACCIDENT - north of Paris. A motorist aged 76 travelling with his wife was killed on a country road a few days ago by a bullet (direct hit to his head) which appears to have ricocheted off a wild boar 150 meters in the opposite direction ! In another bizarre incident in Brittany a householder living in wooded area just happened to be opening a window and he was hit in the face - but this time with non life threatening consequences. In both the above cases Police investigation showed totally involuntary actions!


Grain supplies for the nation in January were 30% lower than a year ago - due to the dry conditions. The Government have indicated they will free up 3 million tonnes of strategic reserves right up to the June harvest period - which will mean basically no reserves at all.


Single farm payments for 2013 are expected to be set at 170 Euros - up from the 2012 figure of 120 Euros.