Guess the equipment

Can anyone guess the name and origins of this machine?

Post Date: 03.10.2007
My travels in France advertising Roast Rabbit

As seen on my travels in France advertising Roast Rabbit.

Post Date: 02.10.2007
European Union pension budget

European Union pension budget. The numbers of bureaucrats has increased from 5023 to 7472 between the years 1999 to 2005 and the amount paid has increased from 282,8 M Euros to 491,5 M Euros - an average payout per month of 5,509€ per recipient.

Post Date: 17.08.2007

Since 1850 the area of woodland has doubled in size...........and covers 25% of mainland. The main areas are Landes(40) Var(83) and Vosges (88). Approximately 66% are in broadleaf. Ownership is predominantly private at 74%. The State owns1514 forests - basically confiscated after the Revolution.......and the largest is the forest of

Post Date: 14.08.2007

Les Herolles market in the Vienne area was specifically opened at the request of the local sheep farmers due to the perceived lack of fresh meat due to the UK export embargo. Prices rose from 4.70 Euros/kg in July to 5.50kg Euros/kg....a summer bonus for the mainly small farmers.Do you

Post Date: 11.08.2007