Arable Farms

Price:102,000 € 1700 euros / ha ... possible to lease out this land.
Contract type:FOR SALE
Investment Prop.:YES
Location:Romania, W
Region:Craiova area
Approx. Area60 ha
Special Note:Ref R02

About Property

60 ha  Level block of land with Sunflowers and wheat grown but suitable for Oil Seed Rape and Maize.

EU subsidy payment from 2016 set at 170E  / unit.


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Romania is in south-east central Europe, north of the Balkan peninsula and bordering the Black Sea with a coastline of 234 kms. It is bordered to the north and east by the Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, Serbia is to the south-west and Hungary is to the west.
Population and size

In 2016 the population is 19,886,800 and slowly declining due to the low birth rate.

The country covers an area of 238,391 square kilometers.

Romania and the role of agriculture

Romania since 2007 is a member of the European Union. The agricultural sector has suffered from a lack of investment and there are still many small farmers with +/- 2 hectares (land restituted to the former owners after the collapse of Communism). At the other extreme there are some extremely large company registered owners.

The area given over to Arable crops is 38% of the cultivatable land.

Other information

English, German and French are used in business circles. Appointments are necessary and punctuality expected. Business cards are widely used. Office hours: 0700-1530 Monday to Friday. Public holidays: National Day (since 1990) 1/12; other legal holidays: 1 and 2 January, Easter Monday and May Day, 25 and 26 December.

All transactions will be overseen by our partners / lawyer who are there to protect you, and are constantly acting for foreign buyers. As Romania is now part of the European Union, you the prospective purchaser will have full title to any property.
Company formation, accounting and tax services are also available as part of a acquisition / follow-up service.

For more info, write an email to us at Eurofarms or phone 0033 970 445 355

Please do not hesitate to contact George Lidbury.

Following visits and research over several years into the feasibility of extending to a rented operation, there are genuine opportunities in the best areas which consist of alluvial, loamy, free-draining soil.

With a Mediterranean type climate and access to the waters of the Danube for irrigation, through an already existing canal system, yields can be substantially be increased, as with the use of Western technology. For instance - wheat yields are in the 10 tonnes/hectare range in the best Black soil areas..... such as Calarasi. Other crops grown include: barley, rapeseed, sunflower, maize, soya, rice and potatoes.

There is a extensive rail network and use could also be made of the Danube by Euro type barges, which can travel to Rotterdam.
Conversely, use could be made of the Free Ports of the Black sea to trans-ship to the Mediterranean/Middle East areas.

In all transactions, we work with an English-speaking lawyer, who is there to protect your interests, undertaking searches, forming companies, etc. The lawyer offers a complete legal service, and can continue to look after your affairs, once established and if required, at an agreed fee.

I look forward to being of service to you, in whatever line of business you are in, be it agriculture, property development/warehousing/investments.

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